The Motorhome Hire Franchise

The Franchise

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You do not have to have any relevant experience to run a Motor Home Hire Franchise. You will, however, need strong business acumen, great people skills and ambitions of owning a highly successful, local franchise operation. 

As a Motor Home Hire Franchise owner, you will operate within one of 25 geographical territories covering the whole of the UK.  Every franchisee operates from premises located within their territory, close to a major airport and with a good road network access. The office is a professional business environment as this is key part of our brand identity.

From the initial franchise fee of £75,000 + VAT we reinvestment £25,000 into your business to help you hit the ground running from day one, taking away a lot of stress associated with any new business. The investment covers aspects like your centres corporate identity, such as signage and uniforms, marketing launch materials and activities, along with office equipment and IT hardware.



Your role will be to lead and manage the business, overseeing the day to day business operations.  Your focus in the early days will be building brand awareness in your territory following the programs developed by the Motor Home Hire Franchise.


We have developed a bespoke training programme for you and your staff to help you develop your business



Before you open your office, you will recruit staff who will be responsible for the day to day customer activities within your business.

As your business grows so will the team in the office and over time your role will develop and change where finally you will have a management team in place which will allow you to focus on leading the business and be less involved with the day to day operations.

The recruitment, training and retention of your staff are important aspects of owning a successful franchise and your staff will help you to undertake this important role.


Hear From Our Customers

We are just back from a 4 day trip in a 4 berth Autograph 79-4. Motorhome was in brilliant condition and was pretty much brand new. It was excellent to drive and I could not fault it at all. Customer service was also excellent with Nicola and the other staff really friendly and helpful. I would definitely use the company again and would recommend to friends and family
— Craig Chisolm
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We can confidently say that our proven Motor Home Hire business model is highly lucrative with turnover more than £500,000 within the first 3 years possible through a fleet of 20 Motor Homes.  

With 100% of sales paid before the service is delivered enables business to have a positive cash flow from inception and with the growth plans in place for a typical franchise allows them to leverage this advantage in developing a substantial return for the franchisee

Owning a Motor Home Hire Franchise can not only be financially rewarding but also personally, with the opportunity to develop a positive work-life balance.  This is very often a factor often cited as being a prime objective for becoming a franchisee and one we at The Motorhome Hire Franchise recognise.


Centre Specifics

  • Accommodate 20 motor homes

  • Secure parking for customer cars

  • Internal valeting area

  • Internal handover bays

  • Office space for 5 employees

  • Storage for Stock & Raw Materials



 Look below at our FAQ section. Alternatively, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

1) What makes The Motor Home Hire Franchise different to other franchises?

Here a just some of things that make The Motor Home Hire franchise different:

  • The only franchise operation of its type in the UK

  • All monies paid by the customers before the Motor Home is collected

  • Central booking portal

  • Central Invoicing

  • Online creation of legal paperwork for all transactions

  • Investor program to grow vehicle fleet

  • Fully UK owned and run company

  • Dedicated UK support centre to match

  • £25,000 re-invested into all centres

  • Decades of franchise and business experience in Management Team

  • Limited to 25 territories across the UK and Ireland

  • National and local marketing activities programmed by experts

2) How does the franchising model work?

Business format franchising is the granting of a license by one person (the franchisor) to another (the franchisee), which entitles the franchisee to trade under the trade mark/trade name of the franchisor.

As a Motor Home Business Partner, you make use of an entire package, comprising all the elements necessary to establish a previously untrained person in the business and to run it with continual assistance on a predetermined basis. The Motor Home Hire Franchise is a management franchise opportunity, which means that as a franchisee you are required to manage the running of your own business within the guidelines and adherence of the franchise system.

3) How do I apply to become a business partner?

We are expanding our network and looking for motivated individuals to join our lucrative industry. If you are interested in finding out more contact us and fill in a short enquiry form. Our dedicated franchise recruitment team will be in touch to answer all your questions and find out about you.

4) How do you become a business partner?

After receiving your enquiry form, we’ll be in touch to determine if there is an available territory within your chosen area. This is also a chance for us to answer any initial questions you may have as well as us finding out more about you, your background and what’s drawn you to enquire. We will also ask for an up-to-date CV at this stage.

From here, we will invite you to attend a Discovery Day which offers you an in-depth view of The Motor Home Hire Franchise our opportunities and is a fantastic chance for you to meet the dedicated UK team and hear about our comprehensive support services.

After a discovery day, providing both parties wish to proceed, we will then ask you to complete a personality test and follow-up telephone interview. We understand this is a big decision and as such, then give you the opportunity to meet some of our existing franchisees in their centres.

You will then be asked to sign a letter of intent, giving you an exclusivity period on your chosen territory, while you conduct your due-diligence. We will help you create a comprehensive business plan, look at funding options and units along with you working with a franchising solicitor, to advise you on our Franchise Agreement, which needs to be signed prior to you attending our training course and ultimately, opening you centre!

5) How long does it take from signing to opening the centre's doors?

This is a difficult question to give a definitive answer on as this is dependent on finding satisfactory premises for a new centre and your own plans for establishing the business. After the initial training course, your Motor Home Hire centre will be fitted out, staff recruited, and the business established.

6) I already have an existing Motor Home Hire business, but I want to expand, are there still opportunities?

We have a re-brand opportunity enabling you to expand your existing business to come under the umbrella of The Motor Home Franchise. We understand no two businesses are the same, so work with you on a bespoke re-branding package. Please contact us for more details.

7) What profit levels should be expected?

After you have enquired and spoken with our franchise recruitment team, we will provide you with an illustration of projected budget figures, based on an average centre. These figures are provided as a guide, but your success will ultimately depend on your hard work and enterprise. For more information please contact us for a prospectus.

8) What are the benefits of becoming a franchisee rather than starting a standalone business?

As a franchisee you can combine national best practice with local ownership. Customers will understand you will be offering the best possible value for money and service – although you be your own boss, running your own business, you are part of a much larger national franchise company.


Benefits of joining a franchise include:

  • Proven Business Model: You don’t have to come up with a new idea – someone else has already tried and tested the business formula.

  • Recognised Brand with year on year growth both in the UK and abroad

  • Training Course: Ethical franchisors like the Motor Home Hire Franchise will offer comprehensive training programmes in sales and indeed all business skills.

  • Dedicated UK Support Team: An experienced support team at our Support Centre, act like extra members of staff for your business, skilled in business areas like operations, accounts, business development, IT, technical support, sales and marketing.

  • Comprehensive Marketing: Dedicated marketing and PR support team focused on marketing strategy and planning to ensure the Motor Home Hire franchise, become the market leader in the UK and Ireland.  

9) How much investment is needed?

We’re investing £25,000 of the Initial franchise fee of £75,000 + VAT into all new franchisee’s businesses, making the start-up costs for establishing your own Motor Home Hire franchise significantly more affordable. This, along with supplier discounts we’ve negotiated, means that start-up costs are just £50,000 + VAT + working capital. For further, and more detailed information please visit our Rewards & Investment section.

10) What fees are involved?

For all new centres, a franchisee fee of £75,000 + VAT is paid. Of this £25,000 is invested straight back in to your business to help you hit the ground running from day one. 

Once your centre has launched you will pay a monthly management service charge fee of 15% of your turnover, but this % figure reduces as Sales increase. Unlike, however, most other UK franchise operations there is not a national promotional fund levy that franchisees must contribute to as, we at the Motor Home Hire Franchise believe that, all national brand building is the responsibility of the franchisor and not the franchisee

11) Who is best to contact for financial or legal advice?

Before going ahead with a franchise, you should always seek legal advice from a franchise specialist to ensure you are happy with all parts of the franchise agreement. We can recommend some to you or alternatively you can visit the British Franchise Association website or Irish Franchise Association website to find recommended franchise solicitors.

12) What training and support is available?

The Motor Home Hire Franchise offers excellent training and support in all areas you will need to know to successfully run a Motor Home Hire centre. Each franchisee receives an initial training course when they first join us and are then regularly invited to attend training sessions and regional meetings to ensure all our franchisees are kept up-to-date with developments within the industry as well as business skills and practices.

13) How many staff are needed to set up?

When the business first starts, you will employ a Customer Sales Executive and a Vehicle Support Executive. The Motor Home Hire franchise will help you advertise, review CV’s and interview suitable candidates alongside you. 

Franchisees do not need Motor Home Hire experience as training is provided to give you an understanding of the industry during the training course. You will be required to manage the running of the business and will be involved in all aspects of promoting the business, especially within the start-up period. As the business gets more established, franchisees often take on more staff to handle the day to day operations and the Franchise Support Centre can advise on when and how this process should take place.