The Motorhome Hire Franchise

Becoming a Partner

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As a newcomer to the market place The Motor Home Hire Franchise is one of a 1,000 franchises systems that are now operating in the UK. With the significant emotional and financial investment each individual franchisee will make in a new business The Motor Home Hire franchise is duty bound to make sure all potential franchisees choose wisely.

We are committed to the Ethical Code of Franchising but, like 80% of UK franchisors, we are not members of the British Franchise Association.  We do not feel membership of the BFA guarantees success of a franchise, its about a partnership between us and you and making sure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice.

We feel that that it is imperative that anyone who becomes a business partner can have confidence that the Motor Home Hire franchise follow the four key principles of ethical franchising;

  1. The business needs to be proven to work – not just the idea on paper or in someone’s head – with evidence that the product or service is saleable, and at a level of profit that will sustain both franchisees and franchisor.

  2. It needs to be transferable and teachable, which means it can be run in multiple locations by multiple independent operators using the same system, brand and quality standards.

  3. The franchise is structured and operated in accordance with the principles set out in the European Code of Ethics for Franchising, which broadly covers advertising, recruiting and interactions with franchisees. The legally-binding franchise agreement, while weighted towards the franchisor to protect the brand and wider network, must be fair to both parties and comply with UK law, European Community law and the European Code of Ethics.

  4. All information on the business that is material to the franchise proposition and contract is disclosed without ambiguity to prospective franchisees – and any financial projections and earnings forecasts shall be objective and realistically achievable.

Through your journey to becoming a Business Partner we challenge you to test everything we say and show you against these exacting standards.



The Motor Home Hire Franchise has an aim to develop a network of just 25 business partners across the UK and Ireland. In this network business partners will be able to talk to each other and our head office almost daily.

The strength of a network is that there is support from peers as well as from Head Office and the huge amount of professional experience to draw on across all aspects of the business

The Motor Home Hire Franchisee vision is to make it easy for all franchisees to be successful because we offer great support, practical help and guidance on aspects of managing and running a Motor Home Hire Franchise.

Running any business is challenging and a Motor Home Hire Franchise is no different. To maintain the integrity of the brand that has been developed we have very high standards and maintaining them demands a lot of time and attention to detail. We consider that only the best is good enough when you’re dealing with client’s holidays. However, with our training help and support the rewards you desire are achievable.



Because we're looking for the best of the best, our selection process is rigorous starting with an initial questionnaire, telephone interview, personality profiling, through to detailed business planning, training and roll out.

For most franchisees, running their own business and fulfilling a dream is what gets them out of bed every morning, and the fact this is done as part of a franchise means they can achieve this using a proven business model.

At the Motor Home Hire Franchise we want to see a genuine passion for what we do, plus bags of initiative and self-motivation. We also look for 'nice' people, who we feel we can work with and become long term business partners.



The Motor Home Hire franchise realises that prospective franchisees need to get a real appreciation of the business before making decisions and will only invite serious candidates to a discovery day.

A discovery day is your opportunity to see the business for real through a mixture of one to one meetings with the business specialist and the chance to see how an actual Motor Home Hire business operates. At the end of the day we know that you will;

  • Know the ins and outs of the franchise opportunity.

  • Understand what your responsibilities are as a franchisee.

  • Understand how the business model works in general.

  • Have reviewed the franchise disclosure document (FDD).

If you receive such an invitation from the Motor Home Hire Franchise, you’ll know that we are considering you as a new franchisee, and we will expect that you’ve done ample due diligence beforehand the discovery day, so you are ready to get answers to all the questions that are important to you.


Once a candidate has been attended a discovery day, and the team feels you have the skill set the business is looking for, you will be approved as a Potential Business Partner, the real excitement (and the hard work) begins. We start with the Motor Home Hire training, which will give you a total understanding of how the cogs inside a Motor Home Hire business works

Following this, and once financing has been secured, we’ll get started on the administrative and business training. Together, we’ll ensure that you’re ready to take on running the business and that you have the greatest chance of making a success of your franchise

Next, we’ll help you to look for suitable locations for your site close the major airport with the allocated territory. But we'll be there with you all through the process offering support till you open the door for business and for the years beyond that.